About Lauren {LAC} James


I love celebrating with people. The joy in this work is that people are excited about the moments I am helping them announce or celebrate: holidays, birthdays, new babies, new businesses, new homes, retirement, weddings, etc. How could I not enjoy this?

A little about me: I grew up on the SC coast where my parents still live. I moved to the upstate to attend Clemson University where I majored in Graphic Communications…and then changed my mind to Language and International Trade…and then changed my mind again and eventually earned a degree in Communications and Advertising. I have worked in small business, non-profit and international manufacturing, and have loved aspects and learned valuable lessons in all of my experiences. The Olive Shoe has grown piece by piece, and one day I hope to make it a full time gig!
An Anderson transplant, I grew up in Myrtle Beach, SC  and moved to the upstate to attend Clemson University. With the exception of a couple of college summers and about a year-and-a-half stint, I have been an SC Upstate girl ever since. My ‘day job’ is currently titled: Sr. Designer and Team Leader for Product Graphics at Techtronic Industries Power Equipment (TTi) in the Technical Publications Department, a division of Torque Creative, TTis award winning in-house advertising agency.

I have always been passionate about art and design, beginning by painting with watercolor and drawing with pastels in early childhood, pursuing my blossoming interest in graphic design as early as middle and high school on serving both newspaper and yearbook staffs and freelancing for several local business owners. Having worked in service industry, non-profit, small business, and corporate environments, I have acquired a wide range of professional experiences in communications, graphic and fine arts media, advertising, and social media.


A self-proclaimed “creativity crusader”, I honestly believe everyone has the ability to be creative. I myself dabble in acrylic and watercolor painting, graphic design, photography, and various crafting and DIY projects. I also love the Lord, am active in my church family, and enjoy volunteering in my local community through the Junior League of Anderson County. No “About Me” section would be complete without also mentioning my love for hostessing, cheering on my Clemson tigers, and getting into DIY projects at home.


Skills and specialties: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Social Media, Microsoft Office, Organizational & Interpersonal Communication, Event Planning, Public Relations, Photography, Branding & Publication Design




  1. Donna Locy

    So happy for you, so proud of the strong women that you’ve become, so fortunate to be included in your family of friends. I look forward to watching you follow your dream. You go Girl!!! Luv ya, Donna


  2. Drew Carlisle

    A few things to add to the biography:

    – Lauren has always been artistically inclined, and her creativity has always stood in abundance. Even as a youngster, she contributed to the family landscaping business by illustrating the company logo on wooden signs to perfection so that her father could market his business while on job sites. Her brother (speaking) was envious that he couldn’t contribute to her caliber and quality.

    – She was an integral member of a national award-winning yearbook staff in middle school.

    – One of her earliest artistic ventures was scrapbooking. However, “scrap” was hardly an appropriate descriptor of her work. From the photography to the construction, they were unparalleled. They perfectly encapsulated and shared a moment in time, immortalizing the memorable moments she chose to depict. They were, in a word, priceless.

    – On a more personal note, she introduced me to photography, my current career, and empowered me with confidence and limitless creativity by example. If it were not for her, I can confidently say neither my career or my passion for creativity would be as fervent; one could present a feasible argument they may not even exist.

    Lauren’s creativity is limitless, both in capability and application. From canvases to kitchens, from quotes to coats, from cities to songs, she has an incredible aesthetic and an undeniable impulse to immerse herself in all the things that shape and influence the local, national and global culture. The only things she loves more than tantalizing her own figurative and literal palettes? Contributing to the experience – and sharing it with others!


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